Our Suppliers

Viandes Rheintal

Our pork comes from Sebastien Angers and Guylaine Buecheli’s organic farm in Sainte-Monique, Québec, an hour east of Montreal. The animals spend the summer months outside on pasture, and the winter months in large airy barns. They are fed with grains grown exclusively on the farm, as well as grass in summer and hay in winter. They are never treated with antibiotics or growth hormones. The animals’ health is maintained using natural preventative treatments such as garlic and apple cider vinegar. The pigs are reared with the utmost respect for their well-being.

Ferme Nordest

Ferme Nordest is a family farm located just outside of Mont-Laurier in the Laurentides region of Québec. Since 1982, Roger Raymond and Céline Bélec have been raising their herd of Angus beef on 1200 acres of pasture. The cattle are never treated with antibiotics or growth hormones.

Ferme au goût d’autrefois

Jacques Legros raises free-range ducks and geese on his organic farm on l’Ile d’Orléans just ouside of Québec City. Aside from raising ducks and geese for meat Jacques is also developing a method of obtaining foie gras from his birds without forced feeding. By using the animals’ natural tendency to overeat at certain times, and by responding to their food preferences, Jacques has succeeded in producing livers that are equal in taste to those produced using the conventional force-feeding method. For the time being the small quantity of foie gras he produces is used only at the farm’s own restaurant – La Table Champêtre - where he serves meat and vegetables from his farm. Jacques raises 100 ducks a year for us. We hope to eventually be able to get some of his foie gras as well!

Ferme au Bonheur des prés

Michael Smith’s Ferme au Bonheur des Prés is an idyllic 75-acre organic farm in Ayer’s Cliff in the Estrie region of Québec. Michael raises sheep, goats, pigs and turkeys. The animals are all pastured in the warm months, and their feed is supplemented with non-GM grains. No antibiotics or growth hormones are used on the farm. We get all of our lamb from Michael.

Les Élevages du Sud

Sylvie Lévesque raises goats on her farm in Saint-Denis in the municipality of Kamouraska in the Bas-St-Laurent, Québec. All of her goats are males obtained from nearby dairy farms when they are just a couple of days old. Goats must give birth in order to maintain continuous milk production, and usually have twins or triplets. For every female born who will become a milker herself, there is a male buckling who will either become a financial drain on the farm or be killed at birth. Sylvie takes these young males and raises them for meat, while working at marketing this marginalized product.

Les Fermes Valens

Les Fermes Valens is a cooperative of family owned and operated farms in the Chateauguay Valley region of Québec. On their farms, Valens members do not use any genetically modified organisms in growing crops, nor any antibiotics or growth hormones in the raising of their animals. At their headquarters located in Huntingdon, Quebec, they butcher and transform meat into various cuts and sausages, terrines, etc. as well as sort and grade eggs. The eggs come from small farms that keep up to 100 chickens following stringent animal welfare standards. Les Fermes Valens supplies us with free range and organic eggs, poultry and offal.


Whalesbone is a fish and seafood restaurant and wholesaler based in Ottawa. Their wild seafood offering includes only species that are not overfished and are caught using methods that don’t harm marine ecosystems. All of their farmed seafood comes from environmentally responsible aquaculture operations. Consequently, Whalesbone has received an Oceanwise certification – a Canadian certification awarded to businesses committed to sustainable seafood and practices that promote healthy oceans.

La Beurrerie du Patrimoine

La Beurrerie du Patrimoine produces organic dairy products from the milk of their small herd of cows. They grow all the hay and grains they feed to their animals on the farm without pesticides, using only natural fertilizer, and do not treat their animals with any antibiotics or growth hormones. The animals spend time on pasture every day. All of the farm’s products are made using old artisanal methods, which sets them apart from larger industrial dairy producers. While larger producers employ chemical products to thicken, stabilize and extend shelf life, Beurrerie du Patrimoine’s products are made entirely from milk without additives or homogenization (which destroys the milk’s natural proteins) resulting in better tasting milk and cream.

Laiterie des trois vallées

The Laiterie des trois vallées is an independent dairy located in Mont-Laurier in the Laurentides region of Québec. It is one of only five remaining independent dairies in Québec – the rest have closed in the face of competition from dairy giants Natrel and Parmalat. The dairy treats raw milk collected from 55 farms in the three river basins surrounding Mont-Laurier - Vallée de la rivière du Lièvre, Vallée de la rivière Gatineau and Vallée de la rivière Rouge – all within 50km of the dairy. The majority of the farms raise pastured cows. Their proximity to the processing plant reduces the miles the raw milk has to travel, ensuring that all milk is bottled within 24 hours.

Fromagerie St Fidèle

Fromagerie St-Fidèle is 100-year-old independent producer of cheese and butter located in the Malbaie. The milk for their products is collected from various farms in the Charlevoix region. We get all of our butter from Fromagerie St-Fidèle.

Birri et Frères

Birri is a family business that has been selling the highest quality fruit and vegetables for over 40 years. All of their fruit and vegetables come from fields and greenhouses in Québec and Ontario, where farmers grow products to Birri’s specifications. Some of the products are certified organic, and some are farmed using methods that meet organic standards but are not certified. Others, like apples and potatoes, which are a challenge to farm organically in any meaningful quantity, are still farmed using conventional methods. We get all of our vegetables from Birri in the summer and fall months. In the winter months they supply us with root vegetables and greenhouse mushrooms.